Pawel Uszynski
Pawel Uszynski
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
(732) 771-5313
Pawel Uszynski
225 Broadway 21st Floor
New York, NY 10007
(732) 771-5313
Signed a lease last week with Pawel Uszynski, who was absolutely fabulous. He was always prompt and professional, and really listened to my wants/needs and was able to find me the PERFECT apartment within a week. Apartment hunting in NYC is SO stressful and I tend to be picky and can tend to ask a lot of questions, but he always made sure to provide answers and make sure all of my desires were taken into consideration when finding my new home. He was extremely knowledgable about the market and was able to relay HONEST pros/cons of all areas, apartments, and pricing in Manhattan. I could not be more pleased with the level of service we were provided. He is the best! - Jade J.
Pawel did a very nice job in ensuring that our process was very smooth and without conflict. We were interested in the pictures that were sent over, and upon our first meeting Pawel showed us the place during the times that we were available, after 5pm. He was always in constant communication via email, text, or phone call which was so important to us, as our schedules fluctuate on a day to day basis. Andrea and i had A LOT of questions and he really did do a great job in making us feel comfortable when answering in a speedy manor. Even when there was a hiccup with the cooking gas not working, Pawel smoothed out the kinks and communicated with the Landlord all day long to get us every detail that we needed for our decision. The signing and notarizing process was fairly quick as well- overall a very painless process for something that we were not looking forward to. In a few years down the line when i am ready to move again, i think Pawel is definitely the first person that will come to my mind to ask for recommendations/help. Pawel had a very good attitude and was super friendly. - Jennifer K.
Finding a new home can be stressful but LG Fairmont takes the pain and strain away. Our experience with Jenna and Pawel was seamless and altogether pleasant. They are professional and a pleasure to work with - will use them again in a heartbeat. - Lydia R.
When I got my new Job offer, I was ecstatic at the prospect of finally living in Manhattan. It had always been a childhood dream of mine to live in the ever-coveted "Big Apple", but my career always took me elsewhere. In my excitement and haste, I decided to pick a start date that was only 10 days away. After realizing that this meant I had less than two weeks to find an apartment, I began speaking to many different real estate agents and viewed numerous properties all throughout the city. I was genuinely dissatisfied with everyone I had spoken with as it became very clear that the agent's cared way more about actually selling me any property than my personal satisfaction with the actual property. I finally stumbled upon Pawel and conveyed my difficulties and timelines. He was very professional as well as honest in his evaluations of properties. It was apparent that he was one of the very few agents I came across that genuinely cared about ensuring that I find a property that I loved. We saw over 12 properties in one day and eventually we found a great property in the East Village that was extremely reasonably priced and very conveniently placed. If I had not gone with Pawel, I would probably have ended up paying $500/month more in rent for much less space. I highly recommend Pawel to anyone looking to buy/rent property in New York City, and will exclusively be working with him in the future for all future engagements. - Anand V.
Thanks so much for all of your help Pawel. You easily understood what I was looking for in an apartment and only showed me apartments worthy of my time.

You made the stressful move seamless, and kept up communication with me until I moved in even after the papers were signed.

I would 100% work with you in the future, and will refer you to any friends looking for a place in the future.

Good luck and thanks for all of your help, - Marc H.
Thank you Pawel for your help and extensive market knowledge/research ability which helped find a great place for us to live.

Preparing visual samples of the apartments was helpful and showing up at all of the locations on time was well appreciated.

I would definitely recommend Pawel to other folks should they be looking for an apartment at some point in the future.

Thank you once again to Pawel and Jenna for all of their help. - Eradzh S.
Pawel is not only a genuine and straight-forward guy, but he is very dedicated to his clients and continuously works very hard in his clients' best interest. Pawel was easy to talk with and quickly understood what my apartment needs/desires were, without wasting my time. His knowledge of the market, ability to negotiate and being straight-forward, were all great pros to have on my side while seeking out my next apartment. I was glad to have selected Pawel to be my real estate agent. - Andrew R.
The move went very well. In love with my new place. I wanted to thank Pawel for his work. He and Jenna did an amazing job. - Maud L.
Pawel proves that finding the right apartment in New York City is easy, as long as you have the right agent. After spending several years as a partner at an event company, Pawel decided to enter the world of real estate. Through his extensive background in entrepreneurship and hospitality, Pawel developed a unique skillset that has quickly made him one of NYC’s top agents. Honest, dedicated and hard-working, Pawel exceeds his clients’ expectations every time.

Originally from Poland, Pawel is fluent in both English and Polish. Living and working in New York for six years, Pawel is intimately acquainted with the city’s many neighborhoods and the unique benefits each one has to offer his clients. He is able to pinpoint exactly what his clients are looking for in a new home and only shows apartments that are worthy of their time. A trusted advisor, Pawel’s deep market expertise and strong negotiation skills help each one of his clients seamlessly land their dream home.

When he is not immersed in real estate, Pawel enjoys traveling, skateboarding, and snowboarding.

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