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Chief Talent Officer
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LG Fairmont is The Best Possible Landing Spot for Agents In New York City. Period.
Founded in 2010, we've grown to over 170 salespeople and completed 100's of millions in transactions. Everything we do, from training to building tools, is focused on improving agent success. As a result, our agents are the most successful in this industry. Here's what makes us different!
A Clear Path from Rentals into Sales
LG Fairmont provides a structured way for all of our agents to enter the sales side of the industry. We do this by providing opportunities to work with live sales clients. In addition, we provide dedicated training and topic specific seminars to guide you through the process of each sales deal.
Free Sales & Rental Leads / Fairly Distributed
We believe that an agent's best use of time is in the field working with clients, not in prospecting your personal network or posting ads online. That's why we provide free sales and rental leads to your phone based purely on performance, not favoritism!
Next Day Payments
There's no reason you should ever have to wait weeks to get your commission checks. That's why we pay next day, direct to your checking account!
Career Advancement
One of the most important things for us here at LG Fairmont is to provide opportunities for career advancement within the firm. Other than two, every single one of our managers started out as an agent on the floor. They've helped us to tackle everything from sales management to recruiting; from marketing to technology! We're a quickly growing team and we'll be pushing hard to identify the next group of leaders within our group of exceptionally talented agents.
LG Fairmont's Beacon Technology Leads The Industry
Software development is in our DNA, every tool that we create is there to make your life easier. Our tools help you manage every aspect of the real estate deal. You can claim leads, share properties, create show-sheets, sign documents, market your exclusives, and access important resources - all on the fly from your phone.
Beacon Can Even Manage Your Team!
Need to manage a portfolio of rentals? LG Fairmont's Beacon technology allows any agent to build a team. Beacon does custom, real-time lead routing, team analytics, stage tracking, a client landlord portal, as well as accounting and marketing tools. All at your fingertips and all for free!
We've Built an Incredible Culture
Our goal is to create a family like atmosphere at LG Fairmont where we celebrate collaboration instead of competition. By doing everything in our power to make every agent succeed, we create a feeling of abundance where every agent can be happy for each other. The LGF Kickball Team
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Top Management Team
We've worked hard to build the best management team in the industry. The founders of LG Fairmont are not only experienced real estate professionals, but also seasoned business professionals. You can be assured that in working with us you will be exposed to the latest technology and internet marketing strategies.
Free Marketing & Featuring for Listings
At LG Fairmont, we invest heavily in promoting your exclusives in the best possible light. We provide professional photography, floorplan creation and professionally printed show sheets. We feature your listings on the most highly trafficked real estate search sites, including StreetEasy, Zillow and Trulia and run targeted marketing campaigns to reach prospective buyers with high intent. Sick of paying $3/day on Streeteasy for rentals, we cover it!
Fair and Transparent Splits
Lead system deals are split at 50% with the firm. Any deals you bring in from your personal network are split between 60% and 70% depending on your gross referral commission. Unlike other firms, your split never resets or changes once you hit these benchmarks!
No Upfront Costs
No desk fees, no start-up costs, no transactional or technology costs. LG Fairmont is focused on providing value to our agents, not nickel-and-diming them. We're highly selective, we only bring on agents who we are confident will succeed.
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Some Recent Lead System Closings
Elena Smirnova
25 Mercer Street #PH: $17,000,000
Gabriella Michin
21 Perry Street #Townhouse: $13,850,000
Gabriella Michin
36 West 13th Street #LOFT: $6,327,000
Elena Smirnova
732 West End Ave #PH: $4,925,000
Hillel Fried
469 west 143rd street #TH: $4,650,000
Maryann Peters
185 Waverly St #Carriage House: $3,650,000