We Are Buyers Advocates
LG Fairmont Agents Specialize In Helping Buyers make the right investment
From our initial conversation to sifting through the market and guiding you toward the investment that fits your needs, our agents prioritize rapport over sales. We understand the value of becoming a great resource for you, the buyer.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I sign a contract to work with a buyer's agent
No, you do not. A buyer's agent relies simply on providing you a good service so you work with them and refer them in the future. A good buyers agent is invaulable and can be a true luxury.
Who pays the buyer's agent fee
The seller pays the commission. When an agent lists an apartment, they agree upon a comission amount with the seller. They take into consideration that most deals are done with a buyer's agent and a listing agent. The commission is split in half. Any real estate broker that is part of REBNY is required to do this.
When should I hire a buyer's agent
Ideally you should hire an agent before you start viewing apartments, but you can officially hire a buyer's agent up until you have signed the contract.
Will I save money if I work directly with the listing agent
Every member of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) must work with a buyer's agent and split their commission. If a non-REBNY member decides not to do so, they are violating the code of ethics and are doing a severe diservice to their client.