Agent Feature: Nolan Myerson
Aug 12th, 2020
It's very difficult to describe Nolan Myerson in one word. He is overall one of the coolest & kindest people you will ever meet. How lucky are we to have him on our team?

When did you start working in real estate and what is your background?

I realized back in 1978 that real estate was not only one of the most significant ways you can increase your net worth but also a great way to save money via the deductions that suddenly became available to you. I mean why pay the Piper when you can be the Piper. I only wish I had taken it to the next step and became the investor.

How would you describe yourself in one word?

If I had to sum myself up in one word it would have to be Persistent. Having a background in finance it was always and will always be about the end game. Only now for me it's all about what the buyer is trying to achieve. Why? Because they are me only 30 years ago. I understand what they are trying to achieve. The sacrifices they are willing to make. The home that they are hoping to find. You always hear someone say "This is the biggest investment you're ever going to make". I like to add " At the moment" to that quote, I look at it as the beginning of your path to retirement. Too early? No, never too late. So enjoy the present with always an eye on the future and avoid the urge to make a red kitchen or paint your bedroom dark blue.

What is your drive when it comes to your job? What do you love about real estate?

Ok this one is going to sound corny, I like meeting people and hearing their story. It allows me to relive the feeling of the search, the anticipation, the hope that this could really be mine. Like I said, corny huh?

What is the definition of a New Yorker for you?

What is a New Yorker? Funny, I was just having this conversation tonight with someone now in her 70's who moved to NYC in the early 80's. She felt it took her 15 years to feel like a New Yorker. Another party to the conversation was raised in Great Neck. She felt it wasn't until she graduated from NYU and owned her first apt. that she finally felt like a New Yorker. I was raised in public housing in the 60's and 70's. My friends were white, black and yellow, and we all learned at an early age how to give respect and get respect. New Yorkers don't judge, they just know. Doesn't matter if you're here a year or 20 years. If you know, you know. New Yorkers know. Nowadays they call that "Woke"

What is it that you love about New York City?

I was always drawn to Greenwich Village. I've been coming here since my teens. The streets and alleys still whisper the sounds of creative genius that spawned a culture of literary and musical awakening. It flows from them through me and into the hearts and minds of those yet to come. Like a 20 year old Benny Rubin who I met today blowing an alto sax better than anyone I've ever heard.

Where do you see yourself heading in the next few years with your career and what makes you hopeful/excited?

I would describe the LG Fairmont agent as your personal concierge to the complex world of NYC real estate. Most people think that the hard part of finding the right home is finding the right home. That's the easiest part of their job, career, calling. The hardest part is finding the right agent who has your best interests at heart. I've been on both the sell and buy side as, for lack of a better word, a consumer. Rarely satisfied with the results. As an agent I've experienced the culture of working for several of the larger firms. And with them, like a large vessel, change comes slowly. LG Fairmont is a boutique firm, whose concept of team is anyone of us, at any time, adding our particular expertise to ensure above average results. I'd say we're kind of like the Three Musketeers only with a few more keteers.