Zoe Kellerhals-Madussi
President of Sales & Marketing
[email protected]
(917) 420-1204
Zoe Kellerhals- Madussi was raised and educated in France, Switzerland, Italy and the United States, lending a multi-cultural and linguistic perspective to her client skills.

With a degree in corporate communications and a specialization in luxury marketing, Zoe previously worked in marketing high end commercial real estate.

Languages:   English, German, French, Italian
Education:    B.S. In Corporate Communications & Mass Marketing

523 West 162nd Street
8 Bedrooms / 4.00 Bathrooms
435 Convent Avenue
3 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom
1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom
Recent Transactions
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322 West 137th Street #1
Jay K.
In the process of acquiring Manhattan real estate, one quickly becomes faced with a myriad of complexities as well as a daunting curriculum of the unexpected. To successfully navigate this path, it is imperative to have a consummate professional well versed with the knowledge and expertise so needed in this area. It is also extremely valuable to have someone that expeditiously addresses and responds to the multitudinous issues that are sure to arise along the way. In pursuit of my particular real estate goals, I often found myself immersed in a state of anxiety. I often found myself wondering if these goals would ever be finally realized. And, in this regard, having an agent with an understanding and compassionate ability to counsel one, as one encounters numerous uncertainties was certainly comforting. I was extremely fortunate to have had an agent representing me, that competently blended all the aforementioned performance elements, and was so instrumental in successfully completing my recent purchase. That agent, those people are Zoe Kellerhals and Alexander Kellerhals from Team Kellerhals. And, I will always be grateful to them for guiding me through all of this, to a happy completion, with caring professionalism and masterful proficiency.

Laurence W.
Approaching the housing market in NYC is certainly a challenge. We had very specific requirements and a budget that required a lot of research. Zoe was efficient and capable from the first engagement. She catered to our requests and provided consistent advice, quality listing matches and excellent management of the process from search to purchase. Zoe understands the local housing and rental market well and gives sound and reliable advice. We are happy to have worked with her and found such an excellent investment.

Adrienne and KY
Zoe gets it done! We had to move out of our current apartment in a few months’ time, and were looking for a condo/coop purchase in NYC. We were so glad we were able to work with Zoe throughout this time-sensitive process. Zoe had a thorough, no-nonsense approach to our apartment search. She started by showing us listings of apartments within our budget range, and then guided us to identify our most desired preferences step by step. We were able to narrow down the number of options worth considering this way. She then accompanied us to tens of showings and open houses until we found something that meets all of our must-have requirements -- and now we own a piece of the Big Apple! Oh, have we mentioned that she collected the coop board application package in an extremely organized manner, and we got the board approval effortlessly? Thank you, Zoe!