Veronica Lee Estes
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
(210) 724-0719
Although born and raised in Texas, Veronica Lee Estes has lived in New York City on and off for the past decade and considers the Big Apple her true home. Her immense love of the city and its people coupled with a passion for interior spaces and residential properties naturally led her to a career in NYC real estate.

As an agent, Veronica prides herself on her ability to work efficiently and tirelessly to find the right home fit for her clients. No challenge is too big, and she will always produce results. Veronica’s favorite part of being an agent is assisting clients in starting the next chapter in their new homes. Whether it be renting, selling, or purchasing, Veronica finds it incredibly rewarding to help guide someone through an otherwise overwhelming and daunting process. Her greatest value is in being able to help make a new home transition as painless and fulfilling as possible. With an educational background in music business and public relations, Veronica has an intuitive and creative ability to understand and anticipate clients’ needs. She really listens to what is being asked of her and has a true savviness that allows her to make the least likely miracles a reality.

In her spare time, Veronica enjoys working on music, business, film, fashion, and design projects and she is proud to positively represent her community, both as an agent and as an independent creative.
Languages:   English