Jill (Qiying) Zhou
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
(917) 647-0977
Clients looking to buy sell or rent look for three things in an agent; experience, local knowledge and people skills. This to me is the real definition of real estate sales; looking out for my clients’ best interests.
My background is that of Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist, a position that saw me act as an advocate for my clients; helping them gain access to resources while confronting their personal issues, such as mental illness, addiction, and abuse. Over the years, not only did I harness my skills at assessing and interpreting my clients’ needs but also developed negotiations skills capable of reaching the best terms in any transaction.
To this field, I bring on board a similar quest for success at achieving my clients’ real estate needs. I incorporate a forward thinking approach towards a future-thinking business and success. Looking ahead, reading the market and looking for the best opportunities and areas are key in guiding my clients towards a profitable investment.
My services are very consumer-centric and driven by understanding the lifestyle of today’s consumers. I employ expansive marketing strategies that reach out to the new millennials as well as the older generation. Working with people is more of a passion than a carer requirement; I always loved engaging with different classes and personalities of people, and in this field, it is a chance to sample people’s lifetime dreams and work towards achieving them.
My clients will say this of me; an agent that’s highly empathetic, a magic problem solver and with a regard for high professionalism in all relationships formed.
I am bilingual in English and Chinese specific Mandarin and few dialects such as Shanghai,Suzhou, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Anhui.
Languages:   English