Peter Alley
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
(518) 225-4353
Born and bred in New York State, Peter is intimately familiar with the city. Growing up with a real estate attorney for a father and an interior designer for a mother, Peter was immersed at a young age in the intricacies of buying and selling real estate and how design can play an integral role in the process.

Peter holds a degree in Marketing from Providence College, where he was captain of the rugby team, a valuable experience that taught him how to successfully lead a group into victory through working together as a cohesive unit. After graduating, Peter decided to pursue his true calling, real estate. Before joining LG Fairmont, he was part of a top performing team at Douglas Elliman.

Peter resides in Upper East Side and is an ardent promoter of living in the city. When Peter is not helping his clients find the perfect home, he enjoys golfing and pursing other athletic endeavors.

Languages:   English

Recent Transactions
408A Clinton Street #
59 Barrow Street #3
455 CPW #22A
41 Bridge Street #THB
564 Lafayette ##
88 Withers Street #6E
120 East 36th Street #2DE
165 West End Avenue #11M
301 east 69th Street #6D
270 West 17th Street #11E
200 Chambers Street #4M
350 93rd Street #2C
200 Chambers Street #4M
400 East 56th #4C
212 East 48th Street #1A
630 1st Ave #7R
45 west 54th Street #2E
144 East 36th Street #8C
830 Halsey #1R
255 West 95th #2B
401 East 74th Street #18R
88 Greenwich Street #327
200 East 74th Street #7J
401 East 74th Street #18S
10 West 15th Street #1126
64 east 94th #1A
61 West 105th ##5
166 E 35th #6B
45 West 54th Street #8D
45 West 54th Street #8D
57 Reade #8B
82 Washington Place #2E
354 east 91st street #1501
304 East 65th St #31C
200 Chambers Street 4M #4M
45 West 54th Street #8D
131 East 83rd #2A
564 Lafayette Avenue #2
564 Lafayette Avenue #3 #3
434 East 58th Street #3C
408 East 64th Street #2A
444 West 49th Street #4A
25 Tudor City #706
Nirvana Tikku
Being first time home buyers, we were extremely grateful to have Peter's guidance throughout the process. Peter worked with us throughout the course of a year to find the perfect spot. His knowledge, patience, responsiveness and network helped us acquire a place we fell in love with very quickly when we found it. Peter was indispensable in our search and you'll have a great ally working with him.

Joanne Zhu
Peter's familiarity of the Manhattan real estate landscape was crucial to our search for the first condo in New York. Coming from California, Peter was understanding and took the time to explain the nuances between the two markets. In the long 6 month journey, Peter went with me to every open house pretty much every other weekend, fine-tuning recommendations based on feedback from past viewings to ensure I find the right home. I highly appreciated his speedy response even with working with a west coast time difference. During the closing process, his patience is further demonstrated by his thorough response to all my questions. If you chose to work with Peter, there's no doubt you will find the right home that meets all your expectations.

Eka Zhao
Peter helped me find my very first apartment in New York city. He was extremely resourceful, supportive, and patient, and made the overwhelming process much less stressful. Peter listened to my ideas and concerns, made recommendations based on my feedback, and shared with me his feedback candidly. I would highly recommend Peter to any potential buyer or seller as he is truly fantastic to work with!

Joseph Palermo
I've worked with Peter Alley to try and find a property that I really wanted. This fellow really tries to help you in any way he can. He doesn't push you in any direction, he listens and considers what you want. He gives advice naturally, which is what you want, but the bottom line is he's concerned with what YOU'RE looking for, and facilitating that search in any way he can. Even went so far as to refer me to a very reasonably priced Atty. and putting me in touch with a lender who offered a great rate. What else could one ask?

Christina V.
I worked with Peter Alley and couldn't be more pleased. Peter is patient, respectful, professional and honest. Peter gets the job done. I've used Peter twice when renting and plan to use him when I eventually buy a place in NYC. Renting an apartment in NYC can be hassle, but working with Peter made the process easy. I told Peter what I wanted and he delivered. If you're looking for quality service, honesty, and a hassle free experience, Peter is your guy! I highly recommend using Peter Alley from LG Fairmont!

James R. Murray
My wife and I were fortunate to be paired with Peter by luck and happenstance when we responded to a web listing for a cooperative unit in the New York City. We had been spending several months going to open houses and trying to make sense of the New York real estate market on our own. Peter immediately replied to a request for basic information on one unit. Within a day, Peter scheduled, arranged, and toured us through many apartments in four different neighborhoods. As anyone who has purchased in New York knows, there are many starts and stops to the process. Peter represented us on several offers and spent more than a few weekends continuing to educate and tour us through numerous apartments. Eventually, we found a unit we fell in love with in the Midtown East neighborhood. Peter handled our offer, our initial paperwork, and recommended a real estate attorney also local to the neighborhood. The attorney recommended by Peter was economical, professional, and truly helpful in the process. Peter also put us in touch with B.A. Stanley of his LG Fairmont office. B.A. handled our coop application and was a tremendous help in a cumbersome and detailed process. I know I speak for my wife as well when I say that we feel like we made a professional relationship but even more importantly, a personal friendship in working with Peter. As and when our real estate needs in New York City change, we will continue to deal with Peter to assist us. I recommend him without reservation.

The Ricci Family
I would like to express our sincere thanks for all the time and effort Peter dedicated to helping us find a new home to live in during this very difficult market. We can not help but be impressed by the quality of service that we have been provided. In all our encounters with Peter, we have been blown away by his professionalism and at the same time felt that he really cared about our search and welfare. I know it was not easy and sometimes very challenging with our long specific list of criteria, but he welcomed the challenge and continued to impress us with his findings. We are looking forward to settling into our new home and continuing our association and friendship with Peter. Thank you again, it was a pleasure!

Christie Barnes
I would like to commend the work that Peter Alley has done to secure my purchase of 45 W 54th Street, 8D, an apartment with a perfect location, as far as we are concerned. I have purchased properties in London, Europe, and several in Colorado and Florida and normally take great pains to locate a top broker. In this case, having contemplated purchasing in New York City for about a year, I found I had extra time on a trip to NYC and simply contacted the agent listed on an apartment that looked interesting. I normally would never do this. The agent was Peter Alley. I wanted to move quickly with a purchase but it needed to meet very exact parameters of cost and location for this first foray into the New York market. Peter took time with me through emails and phone to find out exactly what I wanted. And when coming to New York to view his selections, I found each apartment to be a 'strong possible'. Peter did not waste my time or try to pass off unsuitable properties. And indeed I selected one of these apartments. Peter made this deal happen even during holiday season, with participants from lawyers to management companies who were happy to move slowly. He helped assemble a coop board package that the coop interview board said was the most thorough they had ever seen. They said that normally they have to ask many times for additional information. They did not with my board documentation prepared by Peter. He also prepped me for the coop interview with special sessions. I had never bought in New York City and honestly might have given up during the process if Peter hadn't made it seem attainable. Without question, if I were to 'upgrade' to a larger apartment, or sell, I would without question use Peter Alley as my broker. I have had long experience in the international real estate market but New York City coop purchases are unique. Peter handled this with confidence and expertise.