Maryann Peters
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
(917) 829-1499
Maryann Peters has been personally buying and selling properties for over 35 years, so the transition into real estate sales was a seamless one. Being on both sides of the transaction, Maryann brings a unique skill set to the table that few agents in the industry can match. Before joining LG Fairmont, Maryann owned and operated two of her own companies, a senior move managing company which helped seniors relocate from their homes to senior facilities and a home organizing company, an experience that not only sharpened her outstanding organizational skills but also honed her ability to look at a floor plan and see options that many cannot.

Since joining the firm, Maryann has quickly become one of LG Fairmont's top agents. Her deep market knowledge and strong negotiation skills, coupled with her warm, outgoing personality, make every transaction successful and enjoyable. Maryann listens carefully to her clients’ search criteria to ensure that she truly understands what they are looking to achieve and works tirelessly to exceed their expectations every time. Her philosophy with clients is to treat them like she would her own family. She has expanded her network to foreign shores. Her roster of foreign buyers is expanding rapidly. She’s met with clients in the South Pacific region and is cultivating contacts in the Middle East and South Asia. Foreign clients appreciate the ‘family’ aspect of her work philosophy and she excels in finding the perfect match for her clients.

Maryann resides in lower Manhattan. She was born and raised in New York, giving her the advantage of knowing the nuances of the various neighborhoods here. She is determined to help as many people as possible find their dream home too!
Languages:   English

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Oct 19th, 2020
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Nicole and Sean
To anyone who is thinking about buying a home in NYC, I can not recommend our real estate broker, Maryann Peters, enough. Prior to our search beginning, Maryann had been in contact with me consistently for about a year. We had only met by email when I reached out about a listing that we were interested in, but at the time were not in a realistic position to purchase. She patiently waited and kept in touch until we finally reached out and let her know we were ready to begin our search. I had sent her several options I found on Streeteasy, as well as our budget, wants/needs and the neighborhoods we wanted to be in. She quickly was able to take us on what was a 4 weekend hiatus of apartment-searching for 6 hour days (we wanted this type of intense search, not her :)). After seeing about 30 apartments, we settled on the first apartment that we had viewed with her. The process from submitting an offer to closing was seamless. Maryann is a pleasure to work with, we would suggest her to anyone who is looking. After this process we definitely consider her family and can't wait to have her over to our new home for drinks.

Elis D.
I would like to thank you for having someone as kind and special as Maryann in your team. I also want to express my enormous satisfaction in having Ms. Peters helping me to buy an apartment in New York. If it was not for her expertise coordinating the whole process this would not have occurred. At the time I contacted Ms. Peters to see the flat I am about to own, I was purchasing a flat with Douglas Elliman and the level of service was good, but not enough to give me the confidence to buy an apartment from London. Ms. Peters' assistance was fundamental to make me secure and go ahead with the purchase. From the start, arranging a viewing the day my friend was available to the final stage giving me very thorough and well-informed answers to all my questions. She was also very efficient in getting answers from the lawyer, seller, and building. She helped me to find a lawyer, to get a board package together explaining the whole process which is very daunting for a foreigner. She also arranged visits to different contractors and explained to them what I would if I were in New York. If I didn't have this information I would probably not go ahead, I would feel insecure. Her help made all the difference. I have lived in three countries and bought a fair amount of properties and never met someone like Maryann. The quality of her service is second to none. I am very thankful and fortunate to have met her. She is not only an excellent professional but also a very kind and reassuring person. Really a pleasure to have worked with her.

Andy from Manila
This note is long overdue, but I now finally have a little time to settle down from quite a bit of travel to write. Hope you are well. I wanted to thank you again for the excellent work that you and Maryann did for us on identifying the property, seeing the transaction through, and settling our daughter into the apartment. Our special circumstances were a virtual guarantee that the process was not to be an easy one, but the team managed to get us through it in one piece. A special commendation is much deserved by Maryann Peters in particular, whose professionalism, easy manner, patience, authenticity, and personal touch inspired confidence in us as clients. She was superb at keeping all the marbles on the table and running interference so that all parties were able to focus on the many moving parts of the exercise. In our view, she went well beyond the normal call of “broker duty” to ensure our peace of mind. At the conclusion of the process, we came to feel that we had an exceptional resonance with Maryann and very much had a sense that she was part of the family. I am very thankful to our friend Jaime for making the introduction. Your sharp counsel and Maryann’s dedication are the reasons we would not hesitate to recommend LG Fairmont to anyone we know who might be similarly situated or looking for a place in New York City.

It is with pleasure that I write you to recommend Maryann Peters. 

From the moment I contacted Maryann about wanting to sell my Manhattan condo in the depths of winter, she has been more thorough, responsive and professional than I could have imagined. At first I was a bit worried about overseeing the sale from the West Coast, but Maryann was so diligent and communicative with all parties involved – be it myself, the potential buyers, their agents, my tenants or the building staff – that my fears soon proved to be unwarranted.

She was able to swiftly find me an attractive offer and smoothly take me to the close in under three months. She has exceeded my expectations and I am confident you will enjoy working with her as well.

"Tenacious and patient, Maryann and Tami are the Sherlock Holmes and Watson of finding your next home in Manhattan. My search was a 6-month endeavor but they were always lovely, honest, and understanding of my priorities and schedule. They are 100% on top of things and 100% on your side."

LaKeisha C.
Working with Maryann was an absolute pleasure. As a first-time buyer, looking for a home can be a very unnerving experience. Maryann made this endeavor as comfortable and easy going as possible. I found her to be trustworthy, knowledgable, and always acting in my best interest. Furthermore, she was incredibly responsive and never tried to push me in any direction. I would recommend Maryann to anyone in the market for buying or a new home. - LaKeisha C

Marina Perina
Gregory and I express our heartfelt thanks to you for the gorgeous Christofle tray you gave us. We will find a perfect place for it at 4S and will certainly enjoy using it. Thank you also for your prompt and professional guidance during the course of our transaction. It was truly a pleasure working with you. We will invite you to our condo upon completion. Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday. Marina and Gregory

Michael Jones
10/30/2017 Aaron Graf Chief Executive Officer LG Fairmount Real Estate 225 Broadway, Suite #2140 New York, NY 10007 Dear Aaron Graf: I wanted to take a few minutes to sing the praises of Maryann Peters in helping to introduce a first-time buyer to the NYC real estate market. She was the perfect choice to help me find the home of my dreams. I met Maryann through a phone call on July 21, 2017, after sending my contact information through the app Zillow. I was very wary of talking to a broker, as I was apprehensive about my ability to buy in this market. Maryann put me at ease right away, and soon had me spilling my hopes and dreams on the phone. I remember her saying, ‘I will send you a few listings. We can go from there. No pressure.’ I thought to myself this is too good to be true, Could I have found someone who could care enough to show me the attention I need to fulfill my dreams? Indeed, I had found that ‘someone’. We started slowly with two listings in the Battery Park area. I had my best friend attend the viewing, as I trust his instincts. He gave her the thumbs up and said ‘she’ good people’. The three of us viewed the apartments on a Friday and had a bite in-between the viewings. I was blown away that Maryann felt it was important to stay grounded by helping the first-time buyer at the lower range of the market. She truly does receive pleasure from staying connected to making dreams come true for everyone. Maryann and I went on several viewings for the next 2 ½ weeks to find the perfect home. I felt I was in good hands the entire time, as she was honest in a way only she can be. There were several places she was happy that I didn’t like. Her exact words were, ‘I’m glad you didn’t like that place. I wasn’t going to let you buy that.’ This protection of her client’s interests is what makes Maryann stand out to me. I learned many things under her care that helped me to remain calm through the entire process. There were teachable moments, such as putting in a bid on a place in Tudor City, so that I would know what the process was like. She is a momma bear in protecting her clients and getting the best deal possible. Well on August 8th, 2017 I found my dream home on West 84th Street on the Upper West Side. Maryann went into negotiating mode right away to get the best deal to let the seller know we were serious about the apartment. She has been my advocate, protector and cheerleader through the entire process. To say that I am ecstatic would be an understatement. I would highly recommend Maryann Peters to anyone who wants a fully invested broker to make their dreams of owning a home come true. She is a NY original of the highest caliber. The entire process of owning a home can be a daunting task to take on. It is incredibly intimidating to bare your entire personal and financial life to a Co-Op Board just to own a piece of NY. But it’s easy with Maryann at your side. She is a gem! Her spirit is infectious! Any potential buyer would be lucky to have her! Warmest Regards, Michael H Jones VP of Design, Menswear LF Americas, Millwork Holdings 1359 Broadway, 16th Floor New York, NY 10018

Yunlong Z
We have been working together for a while now and Maryann showed great patience, expertise and kindness throughout the process. Thanks to her I've found a perfect home in New York City, and I cannot be more grateful for what she has done to help me. I know for a fact that Maryann will keep being such a strong support and resource to all her clients in the future, and those clients will surely be in good hands.

As you probably know, Mario Sorrenti closed on the property that Maryann Peters found for us at 185 Waverly Ave in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn the other day. It was a long and arduous search, beginning in September 2015, to find the property that would best work for us. In the end we probably worked with upwards of 20 brokers during our search. Some we worked with for months and some just for days. It was fairly early on in our search when we met Maryann. She showed us numerous properties that were almost right for us, but not quite. Like many of the other brokers, Maryann expressed some disappointment at our inability to find the right property. Unlike all the other brokers, however, she vowed to find us the right property and doggedly continued searching until, as we know, she found us the right property! Through the lengthy search we, at times, felt frustrated and disappointed and, at times, I must admit, I got tired of Maryann’s constant emailing of possible properties. Sensing our frustration, Maryann told us not to worry, she would find us the right space. She said she took it as a challenge and really wanted to be the one to find that elusive property that we were searching for. Even after finding the property at 185 Waverly Ave, Maryann was faced with the difficulty of dealing with the broker (non-broker) for the seller. When it became clear that the seller’s broker was not going to be able to procure drawings of the property from the DOB, Maryann took it upon herself to go to the DOB on at least two occasions to finally get them for us. I just wanted to thank you for the services of LG Fairmont and to let you know what a hard working, talented and friendly broker you have in Maryann Peters.

The Mantells
Please use this letter as a personal recommendation for your real estate broker services. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you. You quickly understood our needs and worked tirelessly since we were on a tight deadline to find the appropriate condo/coop. You did your homework to be sure that we were not wasting our time at locations that were not suitable and when we found the apartment we liked, you communicated with the seller's broker regularly to be sure that we were on schedule. You also made sure that processes, like board packages and approval, moved forward while you were on vacation.

Ruixi Zhang
Three months ago I reached out to Maryann Peters at LG Fairmont. In that time she and her coworker Michael Frucht helped my find a lawyer and helped me close on my dream home. They were both professional and compassionate in helping me. This is my first home in the US. Maryann and Michael helped me and was there for me every step of way. I would and will recommend them to all my friends and anyone who wants realtors that are extremely knowledgeable, always available, professional and compassionate.

Lucy Sexton
When I set out to look to purchase a home, I had many specific needs. I wanted a loft, lots of space, $0 in maintenance, and a great neighborhood for my family. I was contacted by Maryann Peters in September of 2015. She asked for my “wish list” and said she would find me my “dream home.” I closed on my dream home in June of 2016. Maryann found just want I wanted for my work and for my family. Throughout the search she was patient, attentive, flexible---making sure I was getting what I needed without pressuring me to accept something that wasn’t exactly right. It was because of her dedication and expertise, that my family and I are starting a great new chapter of our lives.

Angela W
First of all, thank you very much for the dinner and the Tory Burch Handbag . I like the bags very much. My husband, Kevin and Anthony say thank you to you as well. From now on you are my exclusive real estate agent. Not just because of the dinner and bags, but all about your passion, honest and professional. You are my friend and exclusive agent.

Jamieson L
Maryann's professionalism and passion is exemplary. She brought heart and smarts to my listing, both in equal measure. Her love of Battery Park City shines though, and her willingness to go the extra mile is not only rare, but makes all the difference in the world when sealing a deal.

Jing Z
I've had the pleasure of working with your agent Maryann Peters, who found me my "dream home". From day one, she listened to me and searched for the right property. She was always there for me to answer any questions and give me valuable suggestions. As a first time home buyer, I had a bunch to ask. Maryann had many clients that she was working with, but whenever I called, I always felt I was her number one priority! Because of the excellent job she has done, I happily purchased my first home in Manhattan. I would recommend Maryann Peters to anyone looking to buy or list their home. You'd be in good hands.

Gilbert De La Rosa
Maryann, I want to thank you for renting my place at a rate that was unexpected. You were professional, honest, and hard working. You went above and beyond your duties. Thank you for doing whatever it took in making sure my place was presentable to show for clients. I appreciate your quick responses to emails and answering my calls even when it was late. I look forward to possibly closing later this year, if not we can try in the spring again once the market gets better for me. Sincerely, Gilbert De La Rosa

Caleb M
I am happy to provide a reference for the LG Fairmont Group and specifically Maryann Peters, a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson that helped me find the perfect home. I've known Maryann Peters for more than a year and find her to be a respectable agent who treats her clients with integrity and skill. I always felt that she had my interests at the top of her priority list and was truly looking out for me. From searching numerous apartments and attending multiple open houses, Maryann Peters has always been dependable, straightforward and honest. Buying a home is a time consuming and stressful process and she did and said everything to put me at ease. It was an absolute pleasure working with the LG Fairmont Group and Maryann Peters. I'm happy to recommend Maryann Peters to anyone with real estate needs.

Sonal Shah and Joe Peiris
My husband and I are very happy to have met Maryann Peters of LG Fairmont, when we did. She listened to what we both wanted in a home. I wanted a great neighborhood convenient to my thriving business. My husband was looking for a large one bedroom that could be made into a 2 bedroom, at a specific price per square foot. Maryann found the right combination in record time. She will take on any challenge to find you your dream home! She is very kind and makes you feel like you are her only client.

Tony C.
On very short notice Maryann Peters located and scheduled several appointments that directly met our needs. She expertly prioritized our appointments to maximize our time. Maryann is very knowledgeable about the market, neighborhoods and transportation. She has a friendly and practical disposition and is great company. We enjoyed just spending the day with her.