Maor Tapiro
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
(646) 203-4000
Maor Tapiro, with a background in fashion design, real estate investing, and has interests in unravelling the core values of properties.

Maor believes in building a strong connection with all his clients through understanding their individual needs to the very core. He has during his six years in the real estate industry, mastered the art of connecting with people through selling a lifestyle where he finds the most appropriate space for his clients while factoring in their tastes and preferences. Having advanced a degree in Menswear Design has made it possible for Maor Tapiro to continuously progress his exquisite sense of fashion which has subsequently enabled him to win numerous design competitions.

He leverages on an investing strategy of discipline, a high work ethic, efficiency and great organizational skills which has thus made it possible for him to consistently outperform the market. This has certainly proved valuable for his clients.

Maor is a firm believer in honesty. It is for this reason that he paints the picture as it is and will

only advice in properties that he entirely understands. He is extremely open with his clients and

has impeccable communication skills. He is one person who always has the client’s interests at


Languages:   English, Hebrew