John Harhay
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
[email protected]
(917) 640-1264
John Harhay is an Associate Broker with LG Fairmont. He has over a decade of sales experience as the lead broker for dozens of sales transactions - including townhouses, cooperative and condominium apartments and both new construction and re-sale properties. John has built his business on a stellar reputation for valuing each individual’s unique situation. His success in the business reflects an ability to understand and survive the variable market fluctuations in the housing industry. A smart negotiator. John is consistently relied upon when deals go to "best and final offer.

From 2008 through 2012 he was the Sales Manager for a major Manhattan brokerage firm. His approachable and inclusive manner and his willingness to provide knowledgeable guidance and assistance were applauded by all of the agents at that firm. John values the importance of listening carefully to people. His knack for communication and developing relationships has consistently resulted in personal referrals, one of the most telling signs of a successful salesperson. When emotions fly, John’s comfortable demeanor reassures all who are involved by proposing workable solutions for the issue.

While buying a new home is one of the most expensive investments in a person’s life, John understands that circumstances can sometimes be a distraction during the process. He is sensitive to this and does what is necessary to accommodate the customer and find a workable plan that serves all concerned. No matter what price point of a transaction, John gives equal attention to every client, customer. An eloquent and learned gentleman, John Harhay is a valuable asset to the sales
Languages:   English

Recent Transactions
137 Manhattan Ave #Townhouse
464 West 44th St #7C
250 West 103 St #5A
10 West 71 St. #B
160 WEA #29T
275 West 96th St. #5G
372 CPW #2R
50 Lexington Ave #22A
140 west end ave #5-J
310 West 56 St #1A
225 East 36 St #8N
150 West 51 St #1116
130 Suffolk St #B
350 west 50th street #2-qq
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305 East 83 St #2B
127 West 96 St #10G
45 Park Terrace West #1E
101 West 23 St #3A
151 somers st., Brooklyn, NY #2b
Kristina S.
In 2002, with a tiny budget, I wanted to purchase an apartment in Manhattan. I reached out to several agencies, but John Harhay was the only person who returned my call. I suppose no one else was interested in working within my small budget, but John took on the challenge. I immediately recognized that John is kind and has a very easy way about him. He has a way of making you feel very comfortable despite the stresses of buying a home. Somehow, John found a studio apartment in a fantastic location in Chelsea, in which I lived happily for more than a decade. John kept in contact through the years by sending holiday cards. I eventually got married, and my husband and I lived in my studio for a few years, but we dreamed of having a larger apartment. Careers established, and with a significantly larger budget than I had previously, I again contacted John Harhay and we set off to look for a larger apartment in Manhattan. We needed to sell the studio apartment prior to purchasing something larger. Remarkably, John found us a cash buyer in an unbelievably short amount of time. The process was smooth, and before we knew it, we were beginning our new apartment search. My husband and I knew exactly what we wanted, but we did not think we could afford it all. I wanted outdoor space, and was willing to give up indoor space in order to have it. My husband thought that a second bedroom for a guest was more important. We brought our differing requirements to John and put it in his capable hands. John was able to find us numerous apartments that matched the requirements for both us. My husband and I truly did our online research to find apartments in our price range, and we were convinced that we had (virtually) toured every apartment in our price range in Manhattan. Incredibly, John was able to locate an apartment that met both of our requirements – and in a fantastic neighborhood, and within our price range – and we had no seen it on the internet ever before. This instantly proved to us that working with a realtor like John is a must – we never would have found the apartment we ended up purchasing had we worked on our own. John made everything extremely easy. There was a lot of paperwork to sign for the co-op, John actually went out of his way to hand-deliver the documents to my husband’s place of employment. In short, John has been an absolute pleasure to work with not once, but actually three times (buying, selling, and buying again) over a span of 11 years. My brother-in-law is now considering purchasing an apartment in Manhattan, and I have already passed along John’s information. Additionally, when my father-in-law decides to move into the city to maximize the enjoyment of his retirement years, John will be the only person we call.

Marcia M.
I have nothing but the highest regard for John Harhay. He is realtor with integrity, and his listening skills enable him to hone in on exactly what’s right for his clients so he doesn’t waste our time. John knew immediately that a particular listing would resonate with us because he paid careful attention to detail and to what we said we liked and didn’t like. And now, we are the proud owners of a home that more that surpassed our expectations! In addition, John helped us navigate the process with his soft-spoken style, his teaching skills, and his vast experience in the NYC market. And he’s also a really nice person! I would recommend John to potential buyers (or sellers) with great confidence.

I rank John 5 out of 5 stars! He was patient, professional, and pragmatic throughout the house-hunting and buying process. He helped me assemble my team to purchase my apartment, then connected me with people to help me renovate it. John was pleasure to work with from start to finish!