Hillel Fried
Associate Broker
[email protected]
(929) 444-5554
“I’m not here for the race, I’m here for the marathon.”

Hillel Fried is regarded as a thought leader in the New York City real estate industry amongst clients and colleagues alike. For over 6 years, he has been the top-performing broker at LG Fairmont.

From high-end townhouses, investment buildings to cooperatives and condominiums, Hillel has represented sellers and buyers alike. He manages and supervises large rental portfolios for landlords and crafts sale strategies for developers.

Hillel attained his MA, Magna Cum Laude, from H.U. and lives on the Upper West Side. He loves to paint. Through his artistic and creative eye, he has helped buyers envision the potential in a property. In fact, he often designs floor plans for developers and buyers.

Languages:   English, Hebrew
Education:    B.A, M.A Hebrew University, Magna Cum Laude

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Sep 22nd, 2020
The important balance of the relationship in a real estate transaction
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Agent Roundtable with Hillel Fried
Sep 21st, 2020
Times are tough but what are your observations of the market today?
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160 East 91st Street
1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom
555 West 59th Street
1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom
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Mika and Mike
Hillel was extremely proactive with our search for a pied-a-terre in Manhattan. He took a lot of time to understand our needs and help us narrow down and prioritize what was most important to us. Hillel is so responsive and accessible, he made us feel like we were his only clients. Hillel is very knowledgeable about the market, neighborhoods and even specific buildings. He explained everything in a way that was easy to understand from the making the offer, to working with the mortgage banker and the co-op board. Hillel has a strong network of attorneys and mortgage brokers to choose from that also made the process easy to navigate. We come from a family of realtors and have high expectations for a realtor’s expertise, resourcefulness, and professionalism. We highly recommend Hillel in your search for your perfect home.

michele l lafemina
Our experience with Hillel was fantastic from start to finish! He is knowledgeable, personable, helpful, and walked us through the process every step of the way. As first time buyers, we had no idea what to expect and Hillel made us feel comfortable and informed the entire time. We were expertly guided through the searching, negotiations, board application, and finally closing on our dream apartment in NYC. If you need a real estate professional, we highly recommend Hillel Fried!

Wenlin Pan
My recent apartment purchase went as smoothly as possible and I have Hillel to thank for that! He was extreme knowledgeable, responsive, and patient in answering all my questions and helping to move the process forward. His professional insights and expertise were very valuable, and I would definitely work with him in the future, as well as recommend him to anyone with real estate needs.

Amarto Rajaram
Hillel was super professional, knowledgeable, personable and a pleasure to work with. He helped guide my apartment search from beginning to end, providing advice and guidance every step of the way. He was reachable at all times of day or night and kept tabs on every little detail of the process. When it came to negotiating he did an amazing job, achieving a significant reduction of the initial price. As a first time apartment buyer I very much appreciated his guidance and friendship through my search.

Mohua M
Hillel is absolutely outstanding at his job. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone needing help with a buy, sell or rent real estate transaction. He is highly knowledgeable, extremely professional, a very responsive and timely communicator, and overall a super pleasant and nice individual. He understands the customer's needs and is willing to go the extra mile. I was out of the country for part of the time during our transaction, and Hillel never missed a beat, always kept me informed, and worked hard to represent our interests. He spotted a problem during the pre-closing walk-through, and helped us to get it documented and taken care of by the seller I honestly cannot imagine a better person to have guided me through the purchase of a coop. I will be away again for part of the time that the unit will be renovated before mpve-in, and Hillel has spontaneously offered to help with supervising the contractor's work in my absence. This is above and beyond the call of duty! I am very impressed by his professionalism and his kindness. I feel very fortunate that I found Hillel by chance through an online real estate site. Do reach out to him and you will be glad you did!!

J Jasper
Hillel is someone who will take plenty of time to help you figure out your needs and your family's needs. He was incredibly thoughtful during walkthroughs and spent a lot of time pulling up all sorts of properties after all day walkthroughs to make sure we had enough options. I highly recommend him to any buyers no matter how complicated the circumstance!

Andrea S
When we started looking at apartments, the first apartment we really loved was taken pretty quickly. We were super bummed until Hillel showed us an even better one in the same building we loved so much for the same price! We are incredibly happy with our new home. I would highly recommend Hillel!

David G.
A very knowledgeable and trustworthy agent. Always very helpful and more than willing to go an extra mile to help in anyway he could. From price and other aspects of negotiation through guidance on condo approval process everything went smoothly. Overall a great experience. Would confidently recommend Hillel to anyone buying or selling.

Sophie B. and Eric S.
We were so thankful to have stumbled upon Hillel. He was so incredibly responsive, thoughtful, and professional throughout the entire process. Both he and his colleague with whom we worked intimately were genuine, honest, and guided us from viewing to closing without any hitches. We felt confident that they listened to our concerns, needs, and wants as first-time buyers, which we truly appreciated. I would recommend him without reservation and with very high regard to friends and family.

Alina M
Hillel was amazing to work with. He was immediately responsive to any questions I asked, whether it was via phone call, text or email. He had great ideas on helping me negotiate out of our current lease. He was excellent at negotiating on our behalf with the seller. He was always very polite. He thinks on his feet very well. Hillel also spent a lot of time helping me explain to my spouse why the particular property we were looking to purchase was an excellent deal and a great investment. I can't give Hillel enough credit for his excellent work! Amazing broker!

Lynn L
Hillel Fried is a gem! His thoughtfulness, timely responses and overall knowledge of the business made an arduous task less complicated. Hillel will advocate for the renter without hesitation. If you are searching for an apartment, Hillel Fried will serve you well.

Angela M.
Hillel Fried is an exceptional Realtor. He is extremely knowledgeable and works tirelessly for his clients. Hillel helped us purchase our first condo, sell that condo and purchase our second condo. I can’t imagine working with a better person.

Edward J.
Hillel Fried is one of the best brokers I've ever worked with. He brought a buyer to an apartment I was selling myself in 2016 and this year he sold my loft apartment on the LES in record time. His attention to detail is excellent and he devotes time to speak via phone to his clients on a daily basis. I highly recommend Hillel Fried for rental or sales listings. He will outwork the competition! I will use him for all my future listings...

Harold S.
As first-time homebuyers, my wife and I were looking for someone who--above all else--we could trust and who would have the patience to understand our concerns. Hill fit that bill perfectly! From the moment we met him, he was dead honest in his opinions, yet absolutely respectful and polite. His advice was always spot-on and clear; indeed, he never shied away from challenging some our own preconceptions about our "ideal home." Hill was clearly invested in making sure that the home buying process was as easy as possible. Whenever we had questions, we would send him an email or text, and he ALWAYS RESPONDED in a timely fashion--sometimes even late after midnight. He's truly a dedicated realtor and guide. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!

Blair Fensterstock
Hillel is a professional with the highest ethics. He is thorough and a delight to work with. He showed incredible initiative, good imagination, and complete responsiveness. I would recommend using Hillel to anyone looking for an apartment.

Linda V.
Responded quickly to every call and we felt that our best interests were always the most important issue. Multiple offers were presented and Hillel spent a good deal of time helping us evaluate and choose the best offer for us -- not necessarily the one that would result in the highest commission to the broker. Totally satisfied.

Alan L.
Hillel Fried just negotiated our purchase of a condo in Manhattan. Without him, the purchase would not have occurred. When our bid was not accepted he came up with a solution that sealed the deal. Hillel is responsive, intelligent, kind, thorough and a true professional. (In case you are wondering we are not related) seriously, I highly recommend Hillel for your real estate broker.

Nicole E.
Hillel is very professional yet easy to talk to. I always feel comfortable contacting him and he is quick to respond. He listened to what I wanted and helped me find what I was looking for in my price range, as well as be very involved and proactive throughout the entire process. Especially for me as a first time buyer I really appreciated the extra mile.

D. Giachin
Hillel was outstanding from the first phone call. I initially connected with him after inquiring about an advertisement on Zillow. I was extremely surprised to receive a phone call within minutes at 10pm on a Saturday night, but with Hillel, after working with him a bit, nothing surprised me about his customer focused approach. With every interaction he was responsive, extremely knowledgeable, respectful and was always conscientious about understanding my criteria and desires regarding location, size of unit, amenities, etc. I could not have been happier with the outcome and the process from beginning to end. I highly recommend Hillel if you are interested in purchasing, selling or renting a place in NYC.

It was a real pleasure to work with Hill and get to know him. He helped us find and negotiate the purchase of our dream apartment. Not only that, he helped us through the process of figuring out exactly what our dream apartment was and patiently explored different neighborhoods and apartments with us. He also helped us save quite a lot of money by skillfully negotiating the sale price on our behalf.

Hill was everything you want in a real estate agent/broker: knowledgeable, responsive, courteous, ethical, and an excellent negotiator. Also charming! I do not hesitate to recommend him 100%

Helen Gidali
I have worked with Hillel on several deals over the last two years. I keep continuing to work with him because of his excellent judgment, ethics and the fact that he always looks out for my (as well as any clients) benefit. Hillel's keen understanding of the market and excellent negotiation skills is what helped clinch deals in situations that were fiercely competitive. His thinking and planning skills are highly developed and he helps his client hone in on what exactly their investment strategy is. He is personable and easygoing and a pleasure to work with.

Grant Gillespie
This experience was my first at buying and I could not recommend Hill enough. He was an incredible realtor - he was patient with me and the process - and knew exactly what I was looking for and needed in my new home. Hill hustled and worked endlessly to ensure I got through the COOP process. His follow-up was thorough and kept me on top of what I needed to do in a timely fashion. I would definitely use Hill again for any future selling/buying needs. Go with Hill and you will find he delivers some of the best service you can expect in NYC.

Kenneth Seitles
I was very fortunate to meet Hillel Fried while searching for a new apartment in Manhattan. Not only was Hill very knowledgeable and skilled in the buying process but he continued to educate me on a daily basis. He kept me advised on what to expect in the buying process, what hurdles I may encounter and how to prepare myself for all aspects of this process. In addition to his expertise, Hillel was patient, understanding and did this continuously with a smile. I look forward to referring future business to him as my way of saying thank you

Susan chuang
We are experienced buyers in Westchester County, but first time buyers in NYC and Hillel was helpful in every way. Since we purchased from a sponsor (an apartment-turned-condo unit), there was no negotiation, but Hillel was always quick to answer questions and responsive to our needs. He's young, easy to talk to, and willing agent.

Bonita Stein
I was involved looking for properties in NYC for my son. Our concentration was a starter coop near work place. Hillel was there for us, may it be looking on weekdays, weekends or evenings, he was there, tireless and professional. I highly recommend Hillel to a first time buyer or experienced buyers.

Seth Hyman
Hillel helped me purchase my first apartment this past year, and I could not have been happier with the experience. He made the whole process very smooth and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or rent.