Elena Glukhova
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
(646) 340-7538
Elena migrated from Russia to the United States of America, landing in New York City 11 years ago. The vibrancy and energy in its people, the culture and history, the buildings, the diversity, it was magical! She instantly fell in love with the City. This was a true concrete jungle; the streets made her feel brand new.
Soon after, the hunt for a house began. Being from a different country that has little or no similarities to the USA, it was no mean feat. She had to adjust her preferences to find something that appealed to her taste.
Her long search marked the genesis of her new found obsession, the passion to help people find their perfect homes. Elena Glukhova decided to delve in the real estate, and is currently working with LG Fairmont. With her, you do not have to compromise on your preferences; she sure will find you the perfect fit.
Elena has lived in various places in New York; she is knowledgeable on the type of homes found in most areas of New York. To the real estate field, she brings on board years of customer service in the beauty industry, having worked in hairstyling.
She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Elena is proactive and results oriented. She bears a strong work ethic and a genuine caring personality. An honest and reliable lady, her ultimate concern is meeting the needs of the buyer, seller or renter; paying attention to the small details that can make or break a deal.
Aside from her profession, Elena finds thrill in exploring the gigantic city on foot and by car, working out, taking her dog to the parks, hiking, photography and spending time with her friends.
Languages:   English, Russian

Recent Transactions
521 east 6th street #5s
1492 East 91st Street #1492
2164 E 38th St #House
84-62 Austin Road #B4
12-67 Waterview Street #1
540 Main Street #124
546 Main Street #1312
240 W 63rd St #3D
580 Main Street #1602
540 Main Street #708
560 Main Street #446
45 Martense St, Brooklyn, NY #2L