Dalia Katos
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
(917) 450-4730
Born and raised in New Jersey, Dalia is no stranger to Manhattan. Dalia’s approach to real estate is focused on getting to know her clients as real people and taking care of them from the beginning to end. With her upfront and honest approach, Dalia ensures that her clients are equipped to make the most informed decision about their potential new home.

Prior to joining LG Fairmont, Dalia has served as an Equity Sales Trading Assistant for several prestigious investments banks, hedge funds, and international banks, including Merrill Lynch, Cantor Fitzgerald and Credit Lyonnaise Securities Asia. Because of her experience, she understands the value of accommodating to the needs of her clients, and what it takes to work in a fast-moving market.

Outside of real estate, Dalia enjoys traveling throughout Europe and the U.S., dining at diverse restaurants and Broadway shows.
Languages:   English

Recent Transactions
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Scott B.
I don't think there is a real estate agent out there who could have taken care of us better than Dalia. My wife and I were renting in Manhattan for nearly a decade and knew we were ready for homeownership. We found Dalia by chance and are extremely grateful that we did. Her personality was a perfect fit for us. When we first met Dalia we had very little idea what we wanted. She patiently showed us our options (from Manhattan, to lower Westchester, and eventually our new home in Brooklyn) and let us figure it out on our own. We never felt pressured. She let us figure out what we needed instead of pressuring us into what was available. She did it with patience and care. Once we found the place we wanted, she became an even greater advocate for us in the purchase. She helped us navigate through the many hurdles that we otherwise were unprepared for. We highly recommend her as an agent to anyone who is in the market and will proudly refer friends and family to her as well. - Scott B. and Caitlin W.

Jonathan L
I met Dalia at the first open house I went to in 2018 and decided to work with her going forward. They always say pick a great agent but realistically it's almost impossible. I feel very fortunate to have had Dalia with us throughout the buying process. My wife and I finished closing on our home in 2021, so Dalia definitely put in her due. She was always patient, never rushed us, and was always very open and honest. There were times throughout the years we put the search on hold, and Dalia was always respectful of that. She was also very accommodating to our ever changing desires, whether it was size, price, location, or amenities. We knew the second we walked into our house that it was the one we wanted, and Dalia was with us every step of the way to help us secure it. Past initial offer, Dalia never missed a beat in communication, coordinating the initial negotiation perfectly. The next phase was getting a loan and lawyer on board and Dalia was helpful coordinating that as well. She worked tirelessly to keep all parties on a schedule and make sure all communication was clear. It was our first buy, so everything was new to us, but we always had trust with Dalia. I'd highly recommend working with Dalia. Her speedy communication, honesty, flexibility, and patience, always with a smile, were perfect for us.

Sonu K
Dalia was a fantastic, informed, and diligent partner during the homebuying process and I strongly recommend her! She takes a genuine interest in understanding what people want and listens to their thoughts to recommend ideal options. I hadn’t even considered the neighborhood I ended up buying in but she presented the perfect neighborhood and place as an option and I’m so happy! She is also an extremely hard, and smart, worker- I had a ton of questions and she was very responsive in texts and phone calls and on top of everything, even through the busy holidays. She was a partner in problem solving, guiding the deal to fruition, and shared in the joy of my new home!

Anne S
I first met Dalia in a stroke of luck when I responded to a listing represented by LG Fairmont. I have never been so lucky, nor so privileged. Not only is she personable, patient, gracious and considerate, she is also brilliant and knows how to navigate the landscape of real estate in every and any way imaginable. Her responsiveness to every question, no matter how large or small cannot be matched. She was a joy to work with and be around and I feel lucky to have met her. Always professional, she went out of her way to be sure that our questions were always answered, that our needs were always met and was supportive throughout our time together, especially when we thought we'd never find a home. She assured us we would, and she was right. She gave sound advice on every aspect of our search and purchase and was tenacious, dedicated and understanding of our requirements, never pushing us above our financial comfort zone, and understood exactly what we were looking for. Dalia was always punctual, and extremely knowledgeable about all of the legal and financial aspects of a purchase, as well as its implications. She was a tireless companion as well as a fierce representative of all of our needs, from the very beginning all the way to closing. She was always available and there for us whenever we needed her. She was always respectful and worked well with every broker we dealt with throughout the process. She educated us, supported us and went above and beyond to secure appointments and showings. When we became more educated and our needs changed, she evolved with us, never wavering in her uncompromising tenacity. Her knowledge of real estate and all of its intricacies are unparalleled and helped us find our home. Additionally, a great negotiator, her skill at knowing how flexible costs were helped to inspire confidence that we could be assured of a fair price for any property we considered. When we needed resources like contractors or attorneys, Dalia was a treasure trove of information and recommendations. Detail oriented and organized, Dalia's time management skills also helped us to look at specific areas of interest without wasting time. I recommend Dalia to anyone looking to buy a home and cannot say enough about how much she has meant to us. We never would have made it throughout this process without her. We will forever be eternally grateful.

Dalia, I hope you know how much we appreciate your work on our behalf. We have a pretty cool place thanks to your tireless work. T THANK YOU for all of your hard work on our behalf. Thank you for your tenaciousness and dedication as well as your patience with us as first time buyers. All the best, J

Susan Hanna Wicht
My family and I met Ms. Dalia Katos in January 2018, at the start of our search for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Dalia was not the only broker we contacted of course, but her warmth and endearing manner were evident from our first conversation, which consequently drove our decision to retain her services over any other candidates. Most importantly, we felt that Dalia instantly understood our requirements, whether related to location, budget, 24-hour doorman, available outdoor space, or property size, and consistently applied those to every property search. Dalia’s efforts saved my busy family valuable search time and energy. We can wholly recommend her to manage any property search project thanks to a combination of strong communication, problem solving, leadership, time management, and excellent organization skills. Dalia consistently stays on top of the job and was punctual to all our appointments, often keeping to a tight schedule despite the vagaries of traffic and winter weather known to Manhattan. With Dalia’s good offices, our search took under 90 days to complete. Thanks to her rich experience in the New York property market, and unfailing dedication, she was able to provide appropriate advice and direction. Wherever we went, Dalia dealt with fellow brokers with collegiality and respect, even at times when they were late to an appointment or failed to show up. Inevitably, we started out with a set of criteria that evolved as we became increasingly informed on the nature of the lower Manhattan property landscape. Dalia, being an excellent listener and most understanding of our evolving needs, graciously accommodated those changes. My family and I feel truly privileged to have purchased a stunning, modern property thanks to a person so rich in human qualities and professional skills. We wholeheartedly recommend Dalia’s services and wish her every success in her future endeavors. Susan Hanna Wicht

Michelle Wang
"Dalia was an absolute delight to work with, and I highly recommend her. I was a first time buyer, and Dalia was my teacher and advocate throughout the very confusing and complicated process that is buying real estate in Manhattan. She explained everything, connected me with her contacts for the financial and legal aspects of the process, fiercely negotiated for my interests, and was just an amazing resource for every little question I had. If she didn't know the answer, then she would find it. I can't stress enough how responsive and on-the-ball Dalia is, which made my life 1000 times easier. She was very accommodating of my schedule and would always respond right away when I reached out (or at least respond to say that she got my message and would respond soon). She set up showings quickly, and always executed right away when I was ready to take action. I never had to worry about the details. With Dalia, you will certainly be taken care of!" Best regards, Michelle Wang

Dawn Flynn
In a quick response to our inquiring about a NYC apartment we were connected to Dalia to pursue our hunt through Hell’s Kitchen for the perfect apartment for my son who is a recent Emerson College graduate. My son Andrew had very specific requests that I relayed to Dalia. My husband and I had one day to find this apartment. Dalia set up appointments for the Monday we arrived from Boston and it took off from there. Dalia was impressive as our day flowed smoothly along. Showing after showing she asked what we liked and what we didn’t like about each apartment to help us narrow down our choices. The last apartment of the day turned out to be the best one of all. Thank you Dalia for respecting our request to find an apartment in one day!!! It was a pleasure to be with you. My husband and I both enjoyed our time spent in NYC due to your warm hospitality. My son is safe and thrilled to be in such a fantastic neighborhood.

Dawn Flynn
In a quick response to our inquiring about a NYC apartment we were connected to Dalia to pursue our hunt through Hell’s Kitchen for the perfect apartment for my son who is a recent Emerson College graduate. My son Andrew had very specific requests that I relayed to Dalia. My husband and I had one day to find this apartment. Dalia set up appointments for the Monday we arrived from Boston and it took off from there. Dalia was impressive as our day flowed smoothly along. Showing after showing she asked what we liked