Chrystel Garipuy
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
(646) 256-9527
Having dealt with numerous complex real estate transactions that necessitated calm, focus, perseverance, and creativity, Chrystel has developed a vast expertise in residential and commercial sales in the New York real estate market. A former attorney specialized in Intellectual Property Law in France, Chrystel‘s acute communication skills and deep understanding of clients’ priorities, make her a skilled negotiator. Chrystel has advised and represented numerous investors, sourcing and underwriting multifamily assets ranging from $1 MM to $150 MM, testing loan scenarios, analyzing acquisitions based on comparable sales, debt size, and going-in-cap rate. Having worked with a broad range of real estate professionals, Chrystel recommends her clients with efficient and reliable attorneys, bankers, appraisers, and environmental engineers. Chrystel is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York, as well as a REBNY-accredited Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE). She is a French native and is fluent in English.
Languages:   English, French

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Real Estate & Sales begin with one simple concept
Sep 28th, 2020
Chrystel Garipuy, head of the Garipuy Team discusses how to begin thinking about purchasing and the simple concept that lies behind understanding when is the right moment.
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Agent Feature: Chrystel Garipuy, head of the Garipuy Team
Aug 19th, 2020
Chrystel Garipuy, head of the Garipuy Team is our resident french(wo)man, artist and Brooklynite who knows everything you need to know about purchasing townhouses, although her talents don't finish there. She is a true aficionado of life, always curious, and learning new things.
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