Anna Kalogridis
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
(917) 215-6470
Anna strongly believes that with Manhattan real estate the sky is the limit, not only in its value, but also in the pleasure of working with people and helping them find their homes! Anna’s goal is to deliver the highest level of customer service to her clients throughout the entire process so that they are delighted with their final decision. She truly believes that honesty and integrity are the core values necessary to form lasting and trusting bonds and is guided by these values.

Anna considers herself extremely outgoing and sociable, she loves meeting new people and making new friends. In her free time Anna likes spending time with her husband and two little kids. Her interests include tennis, yoga, traveling and reading. Anna is fluent in English, Russian and Greek.

Languages:   English, Russian, Greek

736 West 186th Street
2 Bedrooms / 1.50 Bathrooms
Recent Transactions
227 East 7th Street #5
80 Chambers Street #9C
99 John Street #1408
30 West Street #24D
377 Rector St. #7K
3536 Cambridge Ave #2D
713 Washington Street #1
255 Cabrini Boulevard #7J
30-85 Vernon Boulevard #5I
2 South End Avenue #7A
201 West 21 Street #9H
875 West 181 Street #4G
482 East 74 Street #2A
21-57 33rd Street #4C
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63 Wall Street #416
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515 East 5th Street #5B
1 West Street #2615
50 West 34th Street #12B01
1 West Street #2001
75 West Street #14F
Greg and Victoria
Anna provided us with the best possible customer service, above and beyond the sale of our apartment. She advised us accordingly to market trends and within two weeks we had an accepted offer. She took care of everything from organizing a cleaning before the first open house to providing a contractor for minor touch-up. Anna was at all times very reliable and keeping us up-to-date with videos and photos, always following up with all parties involved in the transaction. We trusted her 100% and would do it again. An honest real estate broker like you dream of having one! Don't look elsewhere, she is the real deal.

Mike and Gina
Anna was a pleasure to work with. She was totally focused on our home search. She accommodated our challenging hours and tailored our search based on our search experience. She understood our priorities and was able to customize our experience. She had tremendous knowledge of the neighborhoods we were interested in. All in all she made our successful home search a pleasant and productive experience.

Gabriela Kejner
Anna was amazing! First of all, she responded promptly when I reached out about an apartment (flex 2) - the fact that she responded at all is a huge first step, as anyone trying to find an apartment in NYC will understand. She scheduled time with me right away and showed me 3 or 4 places the first day. She stuck by me when my first application didn't work out, and she sprang into action to find another place. She knows the area and the management companies really well. She really knows how to look at a space and envision what it could be, which is something that I struggle with. Finally, she really advocated for my roommate and me while all of our info was being verified by the management company, and we successfully signed our lease!

Francesca Y.
Anna was a huge help to my roommate and I. We were looking for something that seemed impossible - a flex two bedroom with LOTS of room on a budget - and she found for us what plenty of other realtors in the area couldn't. She knew the people at the building well and made sure the application and lease signing went as smooth as can be, and even recommended some cool places in the area afterwards. So many NYC realtors make moving even more stressful by being pushy and obnoxious... but Anna is anything but :) Highly recommend!

John Byrne
Anna is great to work with and she knows buildings and apartments in the Financial District incredibly well. She's personable, attentive, and she works very hard on her clients' behalf. We ended up in another neighborhood because of an issue with the apartment we wanted (this certainly wasn't Anna's fault; she did everything she could to fight for us to ensure the apartment would be available on our timeline), but if you're looking downtown, call Anna. She's great!

James M. Kleimann
We're really glad to have had Anna in our corner for the nightmare known as NYC apartment hunting. Despite a bad experience along the way (I won't bore readers with the details, though they were related to Rockrose properties at 200 Water Street and not Anna), Anna was able to get us a beautiful no-fee apartment in Battery Park, an area we love. Anna immediately responded to messages at all hours and had a firm understanding of the retail landscape in downtown Manhattan. She also didn't waste our time by showing us apartments that didn't fit our needs or were beyond our budget. We felt that she really had our best interests in mind throughout the process. Anna may actually be the last broker in NYC with integrity and honesty. She's a real sweetheart and we will absolutely recommend her to everyone we know.

Ryan D. Lesley
Moving in New York is not something to look forward to; unlike a lot of brokers, Anna listened to what I said about my budget and desires in an apartment. She didn't waste my time with apartments outside the budget, or with things that were too small or illogical. She also didn't pressure us into an apartment or try to push anything on us. Overall it was enjoyable, and she made the process of finding an apartment in New York easy. She responded to texts, emails, and phone calls and kept us in the loop the whole time when we had questions or concerns. She even met us early to show my fiance the apartment before normal business hours so that we both felt comfortable with the apartment before moving forward. I felt like she had our best interests at heart.

N. K. Bradley
Anna worked with me on finding an apartment with all my desired attributes. It was not easy to find but Anna was determined to locate it with me. Anna was very professional and held all appointments. She was also flexible enough to work around my availability. Anna also has very good relationships built with the management companies that I was introduced to. I highly recommend her services.

M. Magdy
I was looking for an apartment in the financial district/Battery Park area and contacted Anna. Anna was the most honest and nicest broker I dealt with (and I know too many NYC brokers). She helped me find exactly what I was looking for and within my budget. Not only she was very knowledgeable about the area but also super helpful with suggestions and tips on schools and other facilities. I already recommended Anna to my classmates who graduated with me and are looking to find apartments in NYC. She's the best.

Kevin Wang
I was looking for an apartment a months ago, one of my friend recommend Anna to me. So we start our apartment hunting, Anna is very responsive(she ALWAYS replies my email or message in 24 hours) and she is very familiar with the downtown area. She shows me almost every building in the area I'm looking at. She is nice and always patience, and also she is helpful with suggestions. She is very professional and honest(which is very important if you are looking for a broker). Unfortunately, there are some family issue I didn't buy an apartment from her. But still I recommend her for anyone who is looking for an apartment or trying to rent an apartment. If you are looking for an apartment don't hesitate just call Anna.

Mia Jimenez
I was looking for a place to rent with two other international students. We were very particular about the terms and budget since none of us had guarantors. Anna was very responsive and kept our needs in mind. She kept a look out for properties that would suit us and was actually persistent in contacting us about potential places on a weekly basis. She really built a relationship with us and so we trusted her recommendations.

Pam Hint
Anna was a PLEASURE to work with. She helped us find our dream apartment in no time flat! We loved working with her and will recommend Anna in the future to all our friends and family.

Nicole Romito
Anna was fabulous to work with. She was very helpful with suggestions and coordinating our move from the beginning and through the end of the move in process. I would highly recommend working with her.

Anna is a fine professional. She is able to instantly gauge the the clients' preferences. She helped me find my first rented apartment in NYC and I couldn't have asked for a better deal. It was great knowing her and I wish her greater professional success.

Phil Barber-Gebbia
Anna is a great broker, she is very friendly, patient, kind and is very knowledgable of the city. She helped me greatly with my new apartment. I couldn't be more glad about her services, she always answered my phone calls or emails with an immediate response. I highly recommend her services, you won't be disappointed.

Stella Layan
Anna is really great with her attitudes. The apartment lists that she provided were all luxury rental apartments, which were out of my expectations. Also she is really kind and friendly. Very responsive to her clients.

Lisa Beagley
Anna was friendly, patient and had an intimate knowledge of the city. She very quickly picked up on exactly what I was looking for and proceeded to show me a range of suitable places. While I did not end up securing an apartment through Anna, I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Theresa Tang
A great broker, responsible and patient. We have run into many troubles while trying to rent this place, but she has always been helpful and we are glad that we have worked this out.

Scotty Sun
She is the nicest broker I have ever met. She is patient and friendly. Showed me a lot of apartments in the area. She knows the areas and places very well. She is the best choice for everyone!!

Anna is currently helping me find both an office and a house. She is extremely professional, friendly and a pleasure to do business with. She has constantly rescheduled herself to meet my timings and gives honest advice best suited to benefiting my needs.

Rong Wang
Anna is a very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly real estate agent. Although for our reason of changing location of interest, we didn't rent apartment she showed us, we strongly recommend her to you if you need help.

Anna was extremely patient and helpful with finding my roommate and I an apartment! She was adamant that we see multiple units and buildings before choosing one even which was the right way to go. We are now settled in and happy as can be with the new place!

Joy W
Anna just helped me buy my very first apartment! She has been such a great help along the journey. I will definitely work with her again in the future and will strongly recommend her to all of my friends! I've know her for over a year. She is very pleasant, knowledgeable and caring. Working with her is very easy and efficient. What I also love about her is the fact that she is a real person instead of a cold broker who only cares about closing deals. I truly believe that by nature she likes to help people to get their ideal homes. I once had a case when my counter offer was accepted. However, she could sense I wasn't 100% satisfied with the unit later on. She never even tried to talk me into buying that place. Instead, she kept looking for me. Buying an apartment is a long journey. She is the kind that will cheer you up along the way.

John M
As a picky and uncertain first-time buyer, I couldn't have found a better broker than Anna. We visited nearly 50 properties over a stretch of 10 months. I never felt pressured to act as the search dragged on, and she was completely understanding when I put things on hold. She did not make a fuss over withdrawing my bid, after I had changed my mind. Like a best friend who checks in on you, she was simply there for me throughout the process. Anna was quick to respond over text and email, even late into the evening. She was never afraid to nag people to obtain information I wanted. Appointments were organized and scheduled on Google Calendar. She ably edited the listings that would suit my taste and preferences, but she also knew to share those interesting finds outside my parameters that I would consider. I appreciated her enthusiasm, as open-houses seemed fun for her. Looking back, she made the right suggestions that got my offer accepted. She calmly and methodically handled each step of a very frustrating co-op board application. She herded all the moving parts (including my family) and picked up the slack to get things done on time and correctly. She also recommended an affordable attorney who educated, advised, and closed on the apartment. Other mentionables - Anna was always on-time (if not early), impeccably dressed, and made a nice companion on the long subway rides!

Suzanne Colt
Anna was so helpful and pleasant throughout the arduous procedure of purchasing an apartment that she definitely helped to diminish our anxiety level! She always responded immediately to any of our questions or concerns, which was extremely helpful when our attorney needed information. Because the city is now in a very marked sellers' market, we had to act quickly, and Anna was always available. She found the apartment listing the minute it went on line, and I was probably the second person to see it, putting us at an advantage. We are truly grateful to Anna for her hard work, her diligence, and above all, her charming personality. My husband and I would strongly recommend her to anyone seriously searching for the right apartment.