Alexander Kellerhals
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
(347) 681-5595
Growing up between the United States and Europe, Alex had the opportunity to experience many diverse cultures and learn multiple languages. Alex’s international background and fluency in English, Spanish, French and German give him a unique edge in servicing his clientele.

After graduating from the University of Alaska with a degree in Geography and a minor in Journalism, he moved to Thailand for an internship with the International Organization for Migration. It was there that Alex built a business network managing the export of goods between Thailand, Guinea and East Timor.

At various points in his career, Alex’s networking experiences have driven him back to New York real estate, as many clients were seeking to invest into the market. Today, Alex devotes his time to scoping out new real estate opportunities and following market trends so that he can offer an exceptional experience to every client.

When he’s not selling real estate, Alex enjoys playing soccer and traveling the world.

Languages:   English, Spanish, German, French

345 East 69th Street
Studio / 1 Bathroom
321 East 43rd Street
Studio / 1 Bathroom
1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom
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Jay K.
In the process of acquiring Manhattan real estate, one quickly becomes faced with a myriad of complexities as well as a daunting curriculum of the unexpected. To successfully navigate this path, it is imperative to have a consummate professional well versed with the knowledge and expertise so needed in this area. It is also extremely valuable to have someone that expeditiously addresses and responds to the multitudinous issues that are sure to arise along the way. In pursuit of my particular real estate goals, I often found myself immersed in a state of anxiety. I often found myself wondering if these goals would ever be finally realized. And, in this regard, having an agent with an understanding and compassionate ability to counsel one, as one encounters numerous uncertainties was certainly comforting. I was extremely fortunate to have had an agent representing me, that competently blended all the aforementioned performance elements, and was so instrumental in successfully completing my recent purchase. That agent, those people are Zoe Kellerhals and Alexander Kellerhals from Team Kellerhals. And, I will always be grateful to them for guiding me through all of this, to a happy completion, with caring professionalism and masterful proficiency.

The Ricciardelli Family
Anthony and I wanted to take the time to communicate how much we appreciated and valued your professionalism and thoroughness, measured with a genuine warmth and sincerity. This purchase had deep personal significance for our family and the manner in which you represented seemed to sense this dimension from the outset. 'Molto Grazie' to both you and Alex; 'Team Kellerhals!'