Agron Ceka
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
(631) 327-3673
Just one month before being born, Agron’s parents immigrated to NYC with a few bags in their hand, and a one year old toddler. Since then, Agron and his deep-rooted NYC roots have come a long way. He entered the NYC public school system not speaking any english to earning a master’s degree from Stonybrook University, and obtaining 30 plus credits beyond that. He believes in being a lifelong learner and in consistent growth.

Agron understands your struggles, worries, and concerns but most of all he understands your future needs. With an entrepreneurial and educational background, he has a thirst for knowledge in everything he does. After a negative experience during his first real estate transaction, he was determined to become an agent himself and aid others in the process. He firmly believes that an agent should prioritize a client’s interests over their own.

When not in the office, Agron works with schools, communities, nonprofit organizations, and travels the world. An avid traveler, Agron visited six continents and over thirty countries. Some of his experiences include a safari in the African Serengeti, a trip to the Galapagos islands, dogsledding in Iceland, a trek up to Machu Picchu in Peru, and touring Mt. Everest in Nepal. He also enjoys spending time with family, working on homes and cars, mountain biking, camping, snowboarding, and much more. With a combination of modesty, service, and a robust resume of experiences, he doesn’t believe in limits. Agron will actively provide honest service and travel the distance for his clients.

Languages:   English

Recent Transactions
63-31 Yellowstone Blvd. #5F
102-35 64th Road #2D
Darryel G.
I met with Agron Ceka, and from the initial meeting he went to work for me right away. I have to admit, I had agents before, but they never did that for me. He made of aware of what could be some challenges, and I appreciated his honesty. He was warm very approachable which is important to have that kind of a report with anyone you want to work with. If you do decide to use his agency, he would definitely be my first choice, in fact if I couldn't get him; I'd just go to a different one.